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Are you interested in boosting your online presence? Would you like to know where to find your customers? What footprints have you left on the Internet? Modern technology makes (almost) everything possible. But among these numerous possibilities, which could be more relevant for you - and which not?

Rollout Management

We ensure a smooth take-off!

"The only thing that is constant is change". Process modifications, new work requirements, technological changes - structuring and succesfully carrying out complex projects may present enormous challenges for you and your company. Through mBusiness's rollout management service, you can ease your mind.

Web Content Management

Show your best side!

A succesful rollout does not mean the work is done. It is essential to remember that an up-to-date web page ensures your website to stay on top.  But worry not! Our team is very familiar with the current content management systems. We currently run over 90 websites in 3 languages.

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mBusiness, was founded by Margareta Bürge, an eBusiness specialist with nearly 30 years of experience. She pioneered early developments in content management and helped navigate companies through the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Under the leadership of Mischa Birnstiel, mBusiness has provided quality services to numerous companies. Our team has unparalleled experience in handling the most complex projects. When you need somebody who sees both the big picture and the smallest details, mBusiness will be there for you all the way through.

We strive to create a personal and a built-with-trust partnership with you;  by offering you up-to-date advice, supporting you in the planning, development and implementation of your projects and by controlling and optimizing the results continuously.

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